Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging or blogging is an online activity that can be used as a source of income in a sustainable manner if you are able to create a blog that has a sale value. Earn money from blogs is not too difficult if you are blogging purposeful way and not homemade. The blog is an online media projected for the long term, blogging takes time for the future could bring profit to their owners.

A profession as a blogger lately increasingly interested in a lot of people. The income of a full-time blogger with the title of expert is also very tempting. There is no requirement academic background to become a blogger. By having a strong will and an obsession, you’ve got the basic capital to be a successful blogger. It all depends on you, the extent to which you are willing and ready to go.

A formerly routine of blogging is only limited to share. Now, the discourse of blogging has turned into an online business model is promising. Blogging is different from the type of online business more, blogging is one type of online business that does not require financial capital (at scale) so we do not need to set an amount of money except for the subscription fee internet package.

The development of blogging in Indonesia is also very fast. Although local bloggers so far managed to taste success is quite minimal, but overall public interest in blogging continues to increase and continue to emerge new blogs locally with various variants of discussion that has quality and is ready to be used as a media moneymaker.

For those of you who are beginners, you can choose free blog platforms such as Google’s free blog platform is the largest free blog platform. In Indonesia, is a free blogging platform with a number of users at most. By using you do not need to hire a hosting so you can blog at will without worrying about the cost of renting hosting.

For those who choose a blog using platform, you will get a number of benefits, ranging absence rental cost hosting, a blog for easy customization, user-friendly blog platform, the community is very large, and can be used to put an ad script without any restriction. If you are interested in creating your first blog using platform, please read the article how to create a blog on

In addition to bloggers, there is still a kind of platform that is no less popular, the, however, platform has a number of shortcomings, if your goal-oriented blogging to make money. One of the gaps that exist in you can not install the Javascript code, which means you do not to put an ad script. A course for your losses if the original purpose of blogging is to get revenue from advertising.

Among the senior bloggers often prefer (self-hosted). With self-hosted them free to manage it so as to realize the target of blogging they carry, whether for branding or to monetize using online advertising networks such as cost per mile (CPM), pay per click (PPC), or other types of online advertising program more.

To create a blog hosted self WP-based costs. Costs required to hire a hosting and buying domain names. The rental price of hosting and domain name provider will also vary depending on where you rent and specifications of the hosting package you are using. If you want a blog that you wake up will have the maximum performance certainly is not little money you have to spend.

Ideally, for a beginner is a free blogging platform, but for those who have the capital, it does not hurt also to directly try a paid platform. By using both, you will increasingly understand the differences between each platform to build a blog that you can make as a means of building a business and certainly a selling point.

Any platform you choose, to make money from your blog will be taking a series of processes. This time I want to share tips on blogging for you that in fact still a beginner. Hopefully, blogging insights that I share this article can provide insight and guidance materials that are meaningful to the reader friends.

Make yourself fully understand “what is a blog?”

You will not be able to produce anything without armed with enough basic blogging. That is, before making a blog you should first learn a lot by looking for a variety of reference to understand “what is true of blogging is that?”.

Create a new blog and write articles based on your interests.

Once you have a basic knowledge about blogs and blogging, create a new blog for you to try to put what you’ve been able to result from the assessment of the various sources of reference you find. Write an article based on your interests, for writing the interests will allow you to manage the discussion, and you will also be more productive than writing articles with topics outside of your area of interest.

While blogging, continue to deepen your knowledge of blogging techniques.

Continue to develop your blog while you upgrade your knowledge of science blogging. Do not just write and publish articles, but you also have to try to find out what the flaws in your blog and trying to improve it so that the future really can be a money machine for you.

Learn the basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or more familiar with the term SEO is optimization techniques to boost your blog’s position in the search results of search engines, such as Google or Bing. At least you have to understand the fundamentals of SEO so that no one way to develop your blog to get a better ranking in the SERPS.

Hone your ability to analyze other people’s blogs excess

resources as you can from a variety of sources certainly is not enough. Pay attention to other people’s blogs, find out what the advantages that exist on the blog that can be visited by many visitors. Correction of your blog, and implement the advantages that exist on other people’s blogs to your blog so that future can also get traffic to the fullest.

Always evaluate the results of your work to facilitate the next step

Do not let just what you’re doing on the day yesterday. Analyze your performance on the day yesterday, whether it is on target or still needs much improvement. Evaluate you do will give you an idea of how it shall continue the development of the blog.

Remove laziness

Believe it or not, none of the millions of bloggers in cyberspace these managed to carve a successful armed with laziness. Bloggers should be, then you have to throw away the lazy nature you if you want to generate profit from blogging routine.

Always think positively and remain optimistic

development requires a series of blogs and relatively time-consuming process. During the development process progresses we must remain consistent with what we are doing and continue to foster a sense of optimism that was not broke and become bloggers fail.


Nothing is instant. All require mature and processes. Never stop in the midst of the road even though the target you want to achieve still not materialized. Patience, and keep working as usual what you should do as a blogger.


Whatever the results obtained within a certain time, stay focused and consistent to perform your duties as a blogger. Blogging is for the long term that requires you to stay focused and not distracted to another, let alone stopped without results. Consistency is one of the principal keys to becoming a successful blogger.


If released at, the number of bloggers who are able to taste success was fairly minimal when by the number of blogs that are already online. It was triggered by a variety of factors, and the following are some of the things according to my observations into the fundamental reasons behind the failure to realize the target of blogging (earning an ongoing basis from the blog).

Not or less on the blog itself

As I alluded to above, that the initial phase in order to achieve the success of blogging is to equip yourself first about “what is a blog”. Due to a very limited understanding of blogging, most bloggers beginner pursue this profession at random alias is not directed so that the results are far from expectations.

Blogging in the wrong way

by definition of blogging is to write, but technically it is more than just write a blog. Lots of work to be done, and some bloggers beginners many people do not understand how blogging correct procedure. Case in blogging in the wrong way is to publish articles cut and paste, take bland that contain copyrighted material, optimize your blog with a forbidden technique, etc.

Not realizing that the “live blog” it takes time

to build your blog is easy, but to be able to compete with other blogs may take a while. To be able to bring visitors from the search engines have to take the stage-by-stage first, and in this case, many novice bloggers who feel hopeless in the midst of the road because after waiting a few months the blog is still minimal visitors.

If everything has gone according to the procedure (refer to blogging correct technique), is actually getting visitors is only a matter of time. Set-up your blog as it should, do optimization with the correct optimization methods, give backlink blog you, continue to post articles, and over the coming months will certainly visit by visitors which can then be converted into money.

Less confident in the ability of self

In the early phases of your blog, maybe you’ll feel discouraged when visiting a neighbor’s blog. They’ve seen adept, his blog has been many people, while you are still little understood and was recently visited your blog, 1-2 people. Stay confident, convince yourself that one day you could even surpass the achievement of other bloggers.