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How to Increase Blog Visitors Without Backlink

Whatever the purpose of your blog, I’m sure you still want visitors in the ideal amount corresponding to the value of your blog. In addition to dealing with the profit, where visitors can motivate a blogger to blog more actively and continues to write articles that are useful for many people. When we realize that we manage many blogs flooded with visitors, it increasingly arouses our spirit to be more active in managing the blog. Imagine if you manage a blog to span longer periods of time and then you find these blogs are still quiet, you will feel tired and did not rule want to stop there.

A number of articles tips and tips on increasing visitors to the blog is actually a lot I peeled on this blog. This time I lifted the title ” How to Increase Blog Visitors Without Backlink “. This title is not really relevant to the theory of reality to bring visitors through search engines, but I use that title in order to answer the misunderstanding of the blogger friend who many thought that blogs that have the high traffic it must have a lot of backlinks.

Backlink is a voter, its existence is quite necessary. However, it is a wrong perception when you believe that to increase blog traffic should be armed with a backlink in large numbers. Basically, a backlink is only one of hundreds of signals used in the algorithm of Google Search. To get more visitors is not solely because of a large number of backlinks. Quite a lot of other aspects which would have a value that is more important than the backlink.

Basically, a blog traffic volume is determined by three things. Three it is a central point that will determine the size of the volume of traffic a blog, such as:

  • Keyword Competition level
  • Along with the quality of its Content Blog
  • Age Domain (Blog)

Measuring the maximum amount of traffic a keyword blogs rely heavily on the blog. As an analogy, you have a blog that carries the theme of health insurance, of course, your blog traffic is much lower your theme of education.

Why is that?

Insurance themes have lower search level, while the level of competition is high. Meanwhile, the article on the theme of education has a search rate is quite high and on the other hand, it has a low level of competition.

From the above discourse, surely you can understand what happens when you choose a health insurance theme and the theme of education.

The second decisive point is referring to the quality of your blog and its content/article. Maximum visitors to a blog or not is determined by the quality of the blog along with the article. Although the keywords that you choose has a relatively low level of competition, on the other hand, you do not pay attention to the quality of articles you publish, it is possible that your blog will be difficult to compete with other topic blogs.

Make sure you prioritize the quality, not quantity. As much as any article you publish, not many changes that will happen to your blog when that content has a lower quality level. Write an article according to the area of expertise or your obsession so that you are able to write articles that are dense and provide solutions to the reader. This is the core point of blogging activity that you live.

Depending on how competitive a keyword or theme that you apply to your blog, domain age has an important contribution in determining high and low traffic blog. The more aged domain, then it is an increasingly positive impact on the blog. However, please keep in mind that the main assessment depends on the quality of the article.

How to Increase Blog Visitors

After I describe three decisive points in measuring traffic of a blog which can certainly provide a meaningful understanding of fellow readers, here are some tips to increase the maximum end of the blog, as I have already applied in several blogs that I manage.

1. Post Article Quality
Focus to create a quality article without thinking about the end of the first. Blog traffic will rise by itself in line with quality content on your blog.

2. Create Mutually Related Articles
Focus on themes that represent your blog. Suppose your blog a lot to discuss the gadget, then try not to write articles that have no relevance to the scope of the gadget. Try not to be compelled to write an article with a low degree of relevance to the theme of your blog.

3. Post Articles Unique
Articles unique I mean is an article that has not been published in the online media. If you want to think, in fact, no fewer criteria have not been many articles that we find on the search engines. Think about the theme of your blog, from there you will find the idea of writing that could potentially bring many visitors.

4. Take advantage of Social Media
Social media like Facebook allows you to create a viral article. Take advantage of the existence of social media sites to boost your blog traffic. Connect your blog to your own social media accounts and build a community on the social media sites.

5. Post Article By Scheduled
What’s new blog, keep the update frequency of articles is one of the priority points. In addition to building the reputation of your blog on search engines, it also aims to increase the quantity of your blog content so that the information contained in these blogs is increasingly extensive and certainly more potential to rake in visitors.

Lastly, consistency. When everything has been running for an extended period of relatively not long enough, do not anything excessively. You do not have to mess with your blog traffic statistics that still looks minimal. Stay focused on what you do, and the difference (traffic) must be seen in the future. Consistency is one of the most important keys to becoming a successful blogger, successfully bring in traffic, branding success, and success making money.

How To Make Your Blog Load Faster

Maximizing loading blog is part of considerable optimization practices contribute. The practitioners of SEO sufficiently prioritize blog’s load time because they realize slow loading blog will bring some negative impact on their blog.

Slow loading blog will not only cause a bad user experience (bad experiences readers), but these conditions are also bad for SEO implementation. As mentioned by Matt Cutts, one of optimization techniques that should not be ruled out is the blog loading speed optimization.

There are a number of factors that cause the blog to be slow loading. Start the server quality, template, too many widgets, etc. And here are some ways to increase the speed of your blog that can be implemented on your blog.

Monitor Your Blog Load Speed
you need to test the loading speed of your blog page and monitor them on an ongoing basis so that you will know what problems arise. Google offers two useful tools for doing this via Google Web Developer website.

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to get a PageSpeed Score and tips for optimizing the speed of your blog. Use Google Speed Tracer to get a more detailed report that contains data about the performance of your blog.

Use Server Speed Good
Speed is determined by the server of your blog. If you use a blogging platform where you use a third-party hosting, then consult with your blog hosting provider to get the best servers and also so do check whether your blog bandwidth shortage.

Use Caching Plugin
For WordPress self-hosted platform users, you can use a free plugin W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache to optimize your blog page loading speed. Using caching plugins, web host you do not have to take some elements from the server each time the page is displayed. The host can store elements in the cache and called from there to speed up page load.

Set the Image Size
image content in a size too large can cause the blog page load time becomes very slow. Before you upload the image files, should you reduce the size of the image to not interfere your blog load.

To reduce the size of the image, you can use a photo editor application, such as Photoshop or use the online tool. Some online photo editor that you can use them is Smushit,, Fotor,,, and PicMonkey.

Remove the JavaScript, CSS, HTML The Less Important
Remove the code Javascript, CSS, and HTML is probably unnecessary. Check Javascript or CSS code in a blog template to ensure there is no duplication of code that can slow loading blog. You can also use the tool compressor HTML code to minimize code size, but your first backup due to compression of HTML code allows the error code.

How to Use Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Many ways to increase blog traffic, began to capitalize SEO where the focus is to bring visitors through search engines, blog walking, to increase traffic by utilizing social websites as a medium. Most of the percentage of blog traffic is coming from search engines, particularly Google Search, but social media also has great potential to increase blog traffic, even significantly.

This article will discuss how to increase blog traffic through social media sites. As we know, there are so many social media sites that we can use to promote blogs that we manage. Social networking sites are the most popular blog content campaigns, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are many similar sites that you can also use, like Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

Getting visitors from social media sites need a strategy and its realization is relative takes time. If we do it in a way or method is wrong, then there is only predicate spammers that we can. By using methods that incorrect we will not be able to steal readers from the social network. Today the social network has an important role in the success of the blog we woke up, and the concept of social media marketing we are prepared to be precise in order to produce results.

Facebook and Twitter is a social networking site with the number of local users at most. If your blog content using the Indonesian language, then certainly these two sites is very suitable to boost your blog traffic. You can drive traffic both these social sites to your blog through various strategies, and the following are some steps and tips to drive traffic from social media sites that you can apply.

Increase Visitor Blog Through Social Media

Be yourself

The majority of social networking users do not have an identity. It should avoid if you want to branding through social media. Show me your true self. Remember, social gained reputation media cannot be realized by be someone else.

Make others know who you are

This point is similar to the first point. Essentially, you need to establish your identity to others. Show the real you to your friends, because from here everything will be awakened.

Find as many friends as possible

Do not restrict the search to a friend. Be friendly, willing to come to others first, then in the future, you will have a lot of friends. Got a lot of friends will allow you to share something, including sharing blog content may be favored by them.

Share something meaningful

Do not just share something for commercial purposes or dissemination products. Every now and then make a social message which means, for example by writing status is weighted, motivate your friends, etc.

Pro-active and responsive

Do not be a passive user. No matter how much your friends in social media this would not be much help if you just shut up and do nothing. Go to them, and give a response as it should be so in the future they are increasingly concerned with you.

Take advantage of social media features

Social network sites provide a lot of useful features that you can use for socializing. On Facebook, there is a Fan Page. Create a fan page for your convenience find people potentially criteria like what you pour on the blog.

Approach the community that allows you to socialize blog content

Find the right community to introduce blog content that you manage. Umpteenth many active users of social networking sites you do not have to worry about finding the criteria of people who have the potential of having an interest in what you write on the blog.

Do it all in a scheduled

Do not do it all at the same time. Both socialization articles and sharing information should be scheduled order not to cause a negative outlook as well as indicating the spam which can certainly ruin your reputation in front of them (friends).

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging or blogging is an online activity that can be used as a source of income in a sustainable manner if you are able to create a blog that has a sale value. Earn money from blogs is not too difficult if you are blogging purposeful way and not homemade. The blog is an online media projected for the long term, blogging takes time for the future could bring profit to their owners.

A profession as a blogger lately increasingly interested in a lot of people. The income of a full-time blogger with the title of expert is also very tempting. There is no requirement academic background to become a blogger. By having a strong will and an obsession, you’ve got the basic capital to be a successful blogger. It all depends on you, the extent to which you are willing and ready to go.

A formerly routine of blogging is only limited to share. Now, the discourse of blogging has turned into an online business model is promising. Blogging is different from the type of online business more, blogging is one type of online business that does not require financial capital (at scale) so we do not need to set an amount of money except for the subscription fee internet package.

The development of blogging in Indonesia is also very fast. Although local bloggers so far managed to taste success is quite minimal, but overall public interest in blogging continues to increase and continue to emerge new blogs locally with various variants of discussion that has quality and is ready to be used as a media moneymaker.

For those of you who are beginners, you can choose free blog platforms such as Google’s free blog platform is the largest free blog platform. In Indonesia, is a free blogging platform with a number of users at most. By using you do not need to hire a hosting so you can blog at will without worrying about the cost of renting hosting.

For those who choose a blog using platform, you will get a number of benefits, ranging absence rental cost hosting, a blog for easy customization, user-friendly blog platform, the community is very large, and can be used to put an ad script without any restriction. If you are interested in creating your first blog using platform, please read the article how to create a blog on

In addition to bloggers, there is still a kind of platform that is no less popular, the, however, platform has a number of shortcomings, if your goal-oriented blogging to make money. One of the gaps that exist in you can not install the Javascript code, which means you do not to put an ad script. A course for your losses if the original purpose of blogging is to get revenue from advertising.

Among the senior bloggers often prefer (self-hosted). With self-hosted them free to manage it so as to realize the target of blogging they carry, whether for branding or to monetize using online advertising networks such as cost per mile (CPM), pay per click (PPC), or other types of online advertising program more.

To create a blog hosted self WP-based costs. Costs required to hire a hosting and buying domain names. The rental price of hosting and domain name provider will also vary depending on where you rent and specifications of the hosting package you are using. If you want a blog that you wake up will have the maximum performance certainly is not little money you have to spend.

Ideally, for a beginner is a free blogging platform, but for those who have the capital, it does not hurt also to directly try a paid platform. By using both, you will increasingly understand the differences between each platform to build a blog that you can make as a means of building a business and certainly a selling point.

Any platform you choose, to make money from your blog will be taking a series of processes. This time I want to share tips on blogging for you that in fact still a beginner. Hopefully, blogging insights that I share this article can provide insight and guidance materials that are meaningful to the reader friends.

Make yourself fully understand “what is a blog?”

You will not be able to produce anything without armed with enough basic blogging. That is, before making a blog you should first learn a lot by looking for a variety of reference to understand “what is true of blogging is that?”.

Create a new blog and write articles based on your interests.

Once you have a basic knowledge about blogs and blogging, create a new blog for you to try to put what you’ve been able to result from the assessment of the various sources of reference you find. Write an article based on your interests, for writing the interests will allow you to manage the discussion, and you will also be more productive than writing articles with topics outside of your area of interest.

While blogging, continue to deepen your knowledge of blogging techniques.

Continue to develop your blog while you upgrade your knowledge of science blogging. Do not just write and publish articles, but you also have to try to find out what the flaws in your blog and trying to improve it so that the future really can be a money machine for you.

Learn the basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or more familiar with the term SEO is optimization techniques to boost your blog’s position in the search results of search engines, such as Google or Bing. At least you have to understand the fundamentals of SEO so that no one way to develop your blog to get a better ranking in the SERPS.

Hone your ability to analyze other people’s blogs excess

resources as you can from a variety of sources certainly is not enough. Pay attention to other people’s blogs, find out what the advantages that exist on the blog that can be visited by many visitors. Correction of your blog, and implement the advantages that exist on other people’s blogs to your blog so that future can also get traffic to the fullest.

Always evaluate the results of your work to facilitate the next step

Do not let just what you’re doing on the day yesterday. Analyze your performance on the day yesterday, whether it is on target or still needs much improvement. Evaluate you do will give you an idea of how it shall continue the development of the blog.

Remove laziness

Believe it or not, none of the millions of bloggers in cyberspace these managed to carve a successful armed with laziness. Bloggers should be, then you have to throw away the lazy nature you if you want to generate profit from blogging routine.

Always think positively and remain optimistic

development requires a series of blogs and relatively time-consuming process. During the development process progresses we must remain consistent with what we are doing and continue to foster a sense of optimism that was not broke and become bloggers fail.


Nothing is instant. All require mature and processes. Never stop in the midst of the road even though the target you want to achieve still not materialized. Patience, and keep working as usual what you should do as a blogger.


Whatever the results obtained within a certain time, stay focused and consistent to perform your duties as a blogger. Blogging is for the long term that requires you to stay focused and not distracted to another, let alone stopped without results. Consistency is one of the principal keys to becoming a successful blogger.


If released at, the number of bloggers who are able to taste success was fairly minimal when by the number of blogs that are already online. It was triggered by a variety of factors, and the following are some of the things according to my observations into the fundamental reasons behind the failure to realize the target of blogging (earning an ongoing basis from the blog).

Not or less on the blog itself

As I alluded to above, that the initial phase in order to achieve the success of blogging is to equip yourself first about “what is a blog”. Due to a very limited understanding of blogging, most bloggers beginner pursue this profession at random alias is not directed so that the results are far from expectations.

Blogging in the wrong way

by definition of blogging is to write, but technically it is more than just write a blog. Lots of work to be done, and some bloggers beginners many people do not understand how blogging correct procedure. Case in blogging in the wrong way is to publish articles cut and paste, take bland that contain copyrighted material, optimize your blog with a forbidden technique, etc.

Not realizing that the “live blog” it takes time

to build your blog is easy, but to be able to compete with other blogs may take a while. To be able to bring visitors from the search engines have to take the stage-by-stage first, and in this case, many novice bloggers who feel hopeless in the midst of the road because after waiting a few months the blog is still minimal visitors.

If everything has gone according to the procedure (refer to blogging correct technique), is actually getting visitors is only a matter of time. Set-up your blog as it should, do optimization with the correct optimization methods, give backlink blog you, continue to post articles, and over the coming months will certainly visit by visitors which can then be converted into money.

Less confident in the ability of self

In the early phases of your blog, maybe you’ll feel discouraged when visiting a neighbor’s blog. They’ve seen adept, his blog has been many people, while you are still little understood and was recently visited your blog, 1-2 people. Stay confident, convince yourself that one day you could even surpass the achievement of other bloggers.

How to Link Building To Get Quality Backlinks

Blog optimization strategy cannot be separated from link building. Every blog needs a backlink to compete in the SERPs. Backlink role is to give a vote to the blog/website to be eligible to appear in top search results of search engines. The more backlinks (quality backlinks), weblogs concerned more potential to occupy the top ranking search engine results.

Methods of link building is divided into so many ways. Of the many methods umpteenth not all of them can deliver maximum results. Link building itself is one of optimization activities is quite time-consuming. In addition, link building also seem monotonous if we do not have the proper concept of link building. If you want to do link building in an instant, you can use the software or tool that is designed to build backlinks. However, I do not recommend this method, because the results tend to be less than the maximum. Link building proper link building is done naturally and manually.

Before doing link building it helps first to understand what the true criteria of link building so the backlinks obtained will be quality backlinks. And below is a general description of quality backlinks you need to know before doing link building.

  • Backlinks from sites that have a high reputation.
  • Backlinks from relevant sites with content/theme of your blog.
  • Backlinks from sites that have high PageRank.
  • Backlinks from sites that use DoFollow attribute.
  • Backlinks from sites that do not apply optimization techniques blackhat.
  • Backlinks from sites that do not currently logged sandbox/search engine penalty.
  • Backlinks from reputable social media sites
  • Backlinks from social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc.).

Backlink that you wake up from these sites above describe the quality of backlinks that you can, and in theory it will provide a very significant influence for the development of your blog associated with the discourse of competition in the SERP.

Most large sites, such as social media sites and social networking sites do use nofollow link attribute, but backlinks from these sites still are considered qualified even if in the form of backlinks nofollow. In fact, based on analysis of a number of search engines like Google currently gives value to backlinks from social networking sites in the rating process / PageRank blog.

Here’s how link building easy and natural to gather quality backlinks from various highly reputable sites to boost your blog’s position in SERP and increase blog traffic volume.

Link building using Facebook

Create an account on Facebook, then create a fan page also. Connect your blog to your Facebook account and fans of your page. Socialize regularly the fan page to your friends to get their Like. When you post an article they’ll get a notification, and if your articles are considered interesting of course they will visit your blog.

Link building using Google+

Create a Google+ account and be integrated with your blog. Author Enable Google+ on your blog and then connect your blog with your Google+ account belongs to you. The article you share on Google+ will be read by search engines. In addition to getting backlinks potential to increase blog traffic more open with the help index the article in Google+.

Link building using social bookmarking site

Create accounts on social bookmarking sites. Submit your blog article to social bookmarking sites are to get backlinks and direct visitors. Choose a site and social bookmarking to help your blog in the SERP rankings.

Link building utilizing forums

There are many online forums that you can make the media to build backlinks. Create an account on popular forums and then went into the living room/room that according to your blog niche. Some of the most popular online forums such local Seconds, Viva, and KasKus.

Link building by means of pinging blogs/articles

This technique is actually not necessary if your blog has existed for a long time. However, for the relatively new blog, which still minimal backlinks this way you can do to help the process go faster articles index.

You can use the blog pinger tool of choice for pinging your blog. Some blog pinger which is widely used by bloggers, such totaling,,,, and

Quality backlinks by way of pinging are not very good, but this could be an alternative for blogs are still new to reveal its presence on the internet.

Build quality backlinks with article capital

Writing quality articles is always a priority with regard to blog optimization techniques. Side benefits that can be obtained by writing quality articles is to allow other bloggers to link back to your blog article if the article was used as The reference by the relevant article.

Planting backlinks by utilizing the RSS feed submission

Submit your blog feed to a feed container sites to get backlinks from these sites. Methods of link building in a way that this one proved to be quite effective to improve the position of an article in the SERP. There are innumerable websites feed submission, and just use the free ones if you do not want to be paid.

Link building by finding blogs that are relevant to the theme of your blog

Look for information on Google Search to find blogs that are similar to the theme of your blog. To do this you can use the search query “intitle: title / temabloganda”. Leave a relevant comment on each blog you visit so that your comment is approved by the blog owner.

Do as spamming, and doing blog commenting ethically. Some indications of commentary about ethical likely to be on the list as comment spam by the blog owner them use names that are too long (contains keywords), number of words in the comments were too little, ask the owner of the blog to visit your blog, and only aims to promote / leave a link alone.

Top 10 Techniques To Bring High Traffic and More Visitors

Has high traffic is the dream of every blogger, but the attempt to achieve it certainly is not easy, it takes time and great efforts in this regard. The main reason why blogs have high traffic is the blog has a lot of visitors. Yes, it was the visitor who causes these blogs continue to grow up on the Search Engines.Has high traffic is the dream of every blogger, but the attempt to achieve it certainly is not easy, it takes time and great efforts in this regard. The main reason why blogs have high traffic is the blog has a lot of visitors. Yes, it was the visitor who causes these blogs continue to grow up on the Search Engines.

Well, this time related to the topic, there are special features that indicate high traffic blog and a lot of visitors, and the following characteristics:

1. Blog Already popular as an artist is known to the public, which is already popular blog certainly has a lot of traffic and as is well-known visitors and become a subscriber. There are many popular blogs in Indonesia such as Viva, Compass, CNN Blog, and more.

2. Traffic College in AlexaAlexa is a site that provides free facilities to check the traffic in Search Engine blog. Just by entering the URL of the blog, you can determine the extent of traffic your blog or other blogs on the Search Engines. Some bloggers also install the Alexa widget to let traffic blog to visitors. In addition to Alexa, still there are many sites to check blog traffic, but Alexa is more commonly used.

3. Lots of comments on each post number of comments also showed that the blog has a lot of traffic and visitors. If you think about it, the comment does not come automatically, of course, there are visitors who leave a comment. If a lot of comments, of course also a lot of visitors. In addition, the number of blog comments can also attract the attention of the Mbah Google.

4. Have More CustomersBlogs that have a lot of visitors would also have a lot of customers. Visitors who love each content of the blog will become loyal customers to follow every latest update, either subscriptions via email, Facebook, Google + or Twitter.

5. Each title Content and PicturesSuccessful blogs are always trying to publish content that is interesting, that is free from content theft. They wrote to providing useful information to customers. So, it is natural that blogs like it has a lot of visitors. Additionally, the content and a unique title have always been a concern of Search Engine.

6. Routine UpdateHigh traffic and number of visitors could be affected by the routine content updates. A routine update is a prominent feature of blogs with high traffic. Even in some tips, regular updates are always advised to build a successful blog.

7. Has Many PagesThe numbers of articles and blog content is the result of routine updates every day. If a lot of content indexed by Google, the greater the chances of visitors who will visit, this is a simple shadow.

8. Lots of Visitors to Social Media SharingEvery visitor who likes the content of a blog, usually they will share that content across multiple social media. The more you share, the more others visit the content.

9. Love BlogwalkingBlogwalking may already be a way that is not familiar to us. For blogs that are still in the development stage, blog walking is at once a powerful weapon ways to increase blog traffic. You can read more blog walking benefits in 7 Benefits and Advantages Blogwalking To Build Your Blog.

10.  Has Many backlinks or Link Indo misconception first with backlink said above, the purpose of backlinks at the top is the number of links that link to the blog. Maybe you have seen some blog posts to omit the source article by attributing to a specific blog or even refer to your own blog, as that example. You can also check the number of links in blogs that you visit through Google Webmaster and Alexa.

Top 13 Tips For More Effective Blogging

Very few bloggers are blogging full-time. Often it is a side project, which is looked after after work in the spare time. Or you even have several blogs and other internet projects.

The point is that bloggers rarely complain about too much time. The opposite is usually the case. The result is that working on your own blog often degenerates into stress.

Today I would like to introduce you to 13 tips with which I managed to blog more effectively and thus also more time-saving . And in addition to my actual independence, (almost) completely without stress.

Looking for Effective Blogging ?

Below I list 14 tips from my own blogger experience that helped me blog more effectively.

1. Write Many Posts One After The Other

Many bloggers need a little time to be in flow. If you’re not a news blogger and only write 5 sentences in your post anyway, it may be worth writing several articles in one go.

For example, I plan to write the 3-4 weekly posts for my blogs in one go. I’m someone who has to come in first. But once I’m in the mood of writing, then I write the articles much faster.

So you can create a handful of articles maybe in 2/3 or even half the time you would otherwise need.

2. Write Similar Posts

This tip is closely related to the previous one. Anyone who has thought of a topic first, it is easier to write something.

Anyone who writes 2 or 3 articles in one go, but has to think straight into a new topic for each article, is not nearly so fast.

So, if you can, you should write about thematically related topics.

3. Focus On One Topic Per Post

Blog posts can outgrow. I know that myself very well.

In order to save individual articles in a time-saving manner, one should concentrate on one topic per article. If you take the topic too far, then new aspects are added, which are still incorporated into the article.

Instead, you should deposit such new ideas in your own article designs.

4. Write Series

Often enough the research provides for a new topic or finding ideas for long evenings.

In order not to spend too long searching for new post ideas , you should at least write a part of his articles in series . So for example “The WordPress plugin of the week”.

This helps to know exactly how the article is structured and what content-related steps you have to take. So you develop a certain routine that is more effective and much faster.

5. Before Having The End Of The Article In Mind

You should never start writing without a goal. Only those who have the end of the article in mind at the beginning, who can write a good article in the first attempt.

We’re not here on a creative writing class, where you’ll see what comes out at the end.

Blogging is in some ways a craft. And even the craftsman knows relatively exactly how the product should look in the end.

So think in advance what you want to say with the article.

6. Collect Ideas And Links

Nothing is worse for writing than sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper or a completely empty article.

Go through the web with open eyes and write down interesting links or article ideas in the Draft folder.

I rarely blog on it. Most items mature for a while. Gradually, ideas, arguments, examples and links accumulate. Then I can write the article much faster.

7. Article Structure

Before you start writing, you should build the structure of the article .
With the help of headlines (H2 – H6) you can prepare very well the individual chapters. It is then much easier to write 6 or 8 relatively short sections with 100 words, than 600-800 words in a continuous text at a time.

Especially with longer articles you should definitely plan the structure. This also helps to improve the readability for the visitors.

8. The Designs

Once you have taken the other tips, such as the constant collection of ideas and links, to heart, you will eventually face a luxury problem, you have too many designs. And so it happens that you can not find certain designs.

Therefore, I have clear rules for creating new designs. So I write various suitable keywords to the ideas and links in the draft, so I find the draft later on the search.

In addition, I try as possible to use the same keywords for the same topic. So I do not even write “Affiliate Marketing” and sometimes “Partner Programs”, but I decide in the drafts for a formulation.

If I then formulate the article, then of course I can use other keywords.

9. Pick Up On User Topics

Use the feedback of the users!

Often in comments or emails, questions or opinions arise, which one can expand to own articles. So you get not only product ideas delivered, but can instantly incorporate the opinion of the reader in the article and your own opinion.

10. Bring Examples

Examples are always very graphic and clarify the topic of the post very well.
In addition, you do not have to research for examples that you know yourself, and you also bring an important personal touch to the blog.

11. Just Write

With all preparatory work, one should write as quickly as possible in the implementation of the article.

Some write a paragraph and then tinker around it for a while, until it is perfect.
But it is more effective if you first write the first draft quickly and then go over the article again and rework it.

12. One After The Other

Blogger life is not just about writing. You have to read and answer e-mails, edit comments, read blogs, maintain the technology, test and install plugins etc.
But it’s very ineffective to mess things up. Therefore, you should always make certain things coherent.

So I read mails early and answer them. Then it’s the blogs turn. Then I write one or the other article. Such things as updates or the installation of new plugins I put on a day of the week and then do everything in one go.

13. Lower Blog Sources

Of course, as a blogger you should also read other blogs to keep up to date. But some of them also spend most of their time with it.

That’s why I regularly delete a part of my subscribed blogs. Of course not the ones that are very important to me. But there are always blogs that are expendable.