How to Increase Blog Visitors Without Backlink

Whatever the purpose of your blog, I’m sure you still want visitors in the ideal amount corresponding to the value of your blog. In addition to dealing with the profit, where visitors can motivate a blogger to blog more actively and continues to write articles that are useful for many people. When we realize that we manage many blogs flooded with visitors, it increasingly arouses our spirit to be more active in managing the blog. Imagine if you manage a blog to span longer periods of time and then you find these blogs are still quiet, you will feel tired and did not rule want to stop there.

A number of articles tips and tips on increasing visitors to the blog is actually a lot I peeled on this blog. This time I lifted the title ” How to Increase Blog Visitors Without Backlink “. This title is not really relevant to the theory of reality to bring visitors through search engines, but I use that title in order to answer the misunderstanding of the blogger friend who many thought that blogs that have the high traffic it must have a lot of backlinks.

Backlink is a voter, its existence is quite necessary. However, it is a wrong perception when you believe that to increase blog traffic should be armed with a backlink in large numbers. Basically, a backlink is only one of hundreds of signals used in the algorithm of Google Search. To get more visitors is not solely because of a large number of backlinks. Quite a lot of other aspects which would have a value that is more important than the backlink.

Basically, a blog traffic volume is determined by three things. Three it is a central point that will determine the size of the volume of traffic a blog, such as:

  • Keyword Competition level
  • Along with the quality of its Content Blog
  • Age Domain (Blog)

Measuring the maximum amount of traffic a keyword blogs rely heavily on the blog. As an analogy, you have a blog that carries the theme of health insurance, of course, your blog traffic is much lower your theme of education.

Why is that?

Insurance themes have lower search level, while the level of competition is high. Meanwhile, the article on the theme of education has a search rate is quite high and on the other hand, it has a low level of competition.

From the above discourse, surely you can understand what happens when you choose a health insurance theme and the theme of education.

The second decisive point is referring to the quality of your blog and its content/article. Maximum visitors to a blog or not is determined by the quality of the blog along with the article. Although the keywords that you choose has a relatively low level of competition, on the other hand, you do not pay attention to the quality of articles you publish, it is possible that your blog will be difficult to compete with other topic blogs.

Make sure you prioritize the quality, not quantity. As much as any article you publish, not many changes that will happen to your blog when that content has a lower quality level. Write an article according to the area of expertise or your obsession so that you are able to write articles that are dense and provide solutions to the reader. This is the core point of blogging activity that you live.

Depending on how competitive a keyword or theme that you apply to your blog, domain age has an important contribution in determining high and low traffic blog. The more aged domain, then it is an increasingly positive impact on the blog. However, please keep in mind that the main assessment depends on the quality of the article.

How to Increase Blog Visitors

After I describe three decisive points in measuring traffic of a blog which can certainly provide a meaningful understanding of fellow readers, here are some tips to increase the maximum end of the blog, as I have already applied in several blogs that I manage.

1. Post Article Quality
Focus to create a quality article without thinking about the end of the first. Blog traffic will rise by itself in line with quality content on your blog.

2. Create Mutually Related Articles
Focus on themes that represent your blog. Suppose your blog a lot to discuss the gadget, then try not to write articles that have no relevance to the scope of the gadget. Try not to be compelled to write an article with a low degree of relevance to the theme of your blog.

3. Post Articles Unique
Articles unique I mean is an article that has not been published in the online media. If you want to think, in fact, no fewer criteria have not been many articles that we find on the search engines. Think about the theme of your blog, from there you will find the idea of writing that could potentially bring many visitors.

4. Take advantage of Social Media
Social media like Facebook allows you to create a viral article. Take advantage of the existence of social media sites to boost your blog traffic. Connect your blog to your own social media accounts and build a community on the social media sites.

5. Post Article By Scheduled
What’s new blog, keep the update frequency of articles is one of the priority points. In addition to building the reputation of your blog on search engines, it also aims to increase the quantity of your blog content so that the information contained in these blogs is increasingly extensive and certainly more potential to rake in visitors.

Lastly, consistency. When everything has been running for an extended period of relatively not long enough, do not anything excessively. You do not have to mess with your blog traffic statistics that still looks minimal. Stay focused on what you do, and the difference (traffic) must be seen in the future. Consistency is one of the most important keys to becoming a successful blogger, successfully bring in traffic, branding success, and success making money.