How to Install Google Analytics Code in WordPress Blog

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for the webmaster for the website statistic tracking needs. Google Analytics allows webmasters and bloggers to reveal a variety of data for statistically important to manage and develop websites or blogs became more focused.

By installing the Google Analytics tracking code on your blog, various statistical data is important to know easily, covering traffic, users, page views, bounce rate, keywords, traffic sources, and much more. Although free, but this one Google product provides features that are quite complete.

Installing the Google Analytics code on the blog can be done in two ways. The first way to your blog users WordPress self-hosted is via plugins. Meanwhile, the second way is by inserting tracking scripts on footer.php file under the </ body>. And here is a guide how to install the Google Analytics code on WordPress blog.

Here I do not explain the steps to register and obtain Google Analytics tracking code, I assume you’ve finished registering and staying put a code on a blog.

If you want the tracking code installation using the plugin, please download and install the plugin Google Analytics by visiting the following URL:
The steps do not need to explain because the process is very easy.

How To Install The Manual Tracking Code:

  • Copy script Google Analytics
  • Sign in to WP Dashboard
  • Select the Appearance> Themes> Editor> click footer.php file on the right side of the web page of your browser window.
  • Paste script Google Analytics tag </body>
  • Click the Update button file – DONE.