How to Link Building To Get Quality Backlinks

Blog optimization strategy cannot be separated from link building. Every blog needs a backlink to compete in the SERPs. Backlink role is to give a vote to the blog/website to be eligible to appear in top search results of search engines. The more backlinks (quality backlinks), weblogs concerned more potential to occupy the top ranking search engine results.

Methods of link building is divided into so many ways. Of the many methods umpteenth not all of them can deliver maximum results. Link building itself is one of optimization activities is quite time-consuming. In addition, link building also seem monotonous if we do not have the proper concept of link building. If you want to do link building in an instant, you can use the software or tool that is designed to build backlinks. However, I do not recommend this method, because the results tend to be less than the maximum. Link building proper link building is done naturally and manually.

Before doing link building it helps first to understand what the true criteria of link building so the backlinks obtained will be quality backlinks. And below is a general description of quality backlinks you need to know before doing link building.

  • Backlinks from sites that have a high reputation.
  • Backlinks from relevant sites with content/theme of your blog.
  • Backlinks from sites that have high PageRank.
  • Backlinks from sites that use DoFollow attribute.
  • Backlinks from sites that do not apply optimization techniques blackhat.
  • Backlinks from sites that do not currently logged sandbox/search engine penalty.
  • Backlinks from reputable social media sites
  • Backlinks from social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc.).

Backlink that you wake up from these sites above describe the quality of backlinks that you can, and in theory it will provide a very significant influence for the development of your blog associated with the discourse of competition in the SERP.

Most large sites, such as social media sites and social networking sites do use nofollow link attribute, but backlinks from these sites still are considered qualified even if in the form of backlinks nofollow. In fact, based on analysis of a number of search engines like Google currently gives value to backlinks from social networking sites in the rating process / PageRank blog.

Here’s how link building easy and natural to gather quality backlinks from various highly reputable sites to boost your blog’s position in SERP and increase blog traffic volume.

Link building using Facebook

Create an account on Facebook, then create a fan page also. Connect your blog to your Facebook account and fans of your page. Socialize regularly the fan page to your friends to get their Like. When you post an article they’ll get a notification, and if your articles are considered interesting of course they will visit your blog.

Link building using Google+

Create a Google+ account and be integrated with your blog. Author Enable Google+ on your blog and then connect your blog with your Google+ account belongs to you. The article you share on Google+ will be read by search engines. In addition to getting backlinks potential to increase blog traffic more open with the help index the article in Google+.

Link building using social bookmarking site

Create accounts on social bookmarking sites. Submit your blog article to social bookmarking sites are to get backlinks and direct visitors. Choose a site and social bookmarking to help your blog in the SERP rankings.

Link building utilizing forums

There are many online forums that you can make the media to build backlinks. Create an account on popular forums and then went into the living room/room that according to your blog niche. Some of the most popular online forums such local Seconds, Viva, and KasKus.

Link building by means of pinging blogs/articles

This technique is actually not necessary if your blog has existed for a long time. However, for the relatively new blog, which still minimal backlinks this way you can do to help the process go faster articles index.

You can use the blog pinger tool of choice for pinging your blog. Some blog pinger which is widely used by bloggers, such totaling,,,, and

Quality backlinks by way of pinging are not very good, but this could be an alternative for blogs are still new to reveal its presence on the internet.

Build quality backlinks with article capital

Writing quality articles is always a priority with regard to blog optimization techniques. Side benefits that can be obtained by writing quality articles is to allow other bloggers to link back to your blog article if the article was used as The reference by the relevant article.

Planting backlinks by utilizing the RSS feed submission

Submit your blog feed to a feed container sites to get backlinks from these sites. Methods of link building in a way that this one proved to be quite effective to improve the position of an article in the SERP. There are innumerable websites feed submission, and just use the free ones if you do not want to be paid.

Link building by finding blogs that are relevant to the theme of your blog

Look for information on Google Search to find blogs that are similar to the theme of your blog. To do this you can use the search query “intitle: title / temabloganda”. Leave a relevant comment on each blog you visit so that your comment is approved by the blog owner.

Do as spamming, and doing blog commenting ethically. Some indications of commentary about ethical likely to be on the list as comment spam by the blog owner them use names that are too long (contains keywords), number of words in the comments were too little, ask the owner of the blog to visit your blog, and only aims to promote / leave a link alone.

7 Social Media SEO Tricks to Develop Small Business

Do you remember what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what you’re doing on your blog to improve the quality of your blog in the search engines. More specifically, that efforts to increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refer to your blog how to make sure your blog can be indexed in the search engine results page (SERP or as we call it) when other people search for keywords that match the content of your blog.

Then what SEO is social media?

Actually, SEO social media is more likely to lead to interaction and social media links are likely to play a role in improving search engine rankings. It may sound a bit strange and complicated, but efforts to SEO your blog is all about how you optimize your blog content, whether through social media or other websites. The goal is only one, namely that blogs you achieve top rankings on the search.

Well, here there are six social SEO tips that can help your business become one of the best:

1. Use your social media profiles optimally

The main key to social media is the SEO profile information clearly so that others can know who you are and what you do. You can fill in the ‘About us’ or ‘Contact Us’ which is part of a social media platform with clear information. Use sentences that show what your business and also the term you use to grow your business.

For example on the facebook page, you can fill in the company name, address, the number that can information about your business, and so forth. And make sure you include a link that could refer your site.

Note: When you create a facebook page, then select the appropriate category by category or theme of your business. Check to ensure that your business is already listed as a category live right when you edit basic information on the facebook page.

2. Using content/updates on social media optimally

In order to optimize social content, make sure you always include some search terms that fit your business content in each update Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and others. This is very important and affects the urge to increase SEO as well. New content sharing across multiple social media is very important because it can help your content indexed faster Google (indexed in Google means that Google adds your URL to their database).

Note: Make sure you use your business name in each update your social posts. It can help Google match the keywords you use to describe your business with your business name.

3. Build links to make your content shareable

An important key to improving SEO is link building. More nutshell, this means you should have a good site to other sites through link relationships. Every time you publish a post, you can divide/share into multiple social media. Share all your post on facebook, twitter, google plus, and other social media. This is one way to build links.

You could also write a little description of your shared links to multiple social media. Use words that are concise and interesting for others or your friends in a social media tempted to explore the link. But use short descriptions that are relevant to the content of your site’s business.

Note: share a link or share on social media is an effective way to build your business link.

4. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can add images and photos into a specific category (can be either a specific folder or album) that can dicontomize name. Pinterest also is an excellent way to build links and improve the strategy for your business keywords. Google indexes pages from sites with heavy traffic faster and higher in SERP. You can also add keywords in the title and description of the board Pinterest boards to increase the visibility of your content in the SERPs. Usually, you only have 500 characters to describe an individual pin Pinterest so you can enter keywords in there as well.

Note: Google generally prefers images with high resolution, so it would be better if you use a high-quality image on Pinterest, that if it is possible for you.

5. Join the online business community

You will be a lot to see some online communities and business groups in a lot of social media such as Facebook and Google plus. Please join and promote products or business online that you live. It would be very easy because in the community or the group consisted of only business entrepreneurs or business fans. So, it would be more interesting they are to promote your business.

6. Sign up for Google Plus

Please feel free to sign up for Google+ Business Page, and add a variety of information and keywords that are related to your business. You can also add some links that are tailored to your profile and use this as an opportunity to re-connect to the Web, blogs, and other social media. By spending about 15 minutes, you can share your content to Google plus page. It will be easier for you to turn up the site URL in the Google SERP.

7. Create a list of Google Plus Local

According to the monitoring of Google, there is about 97 percent of consumers who are looking for local businesses online on the internet. In an effort to improve local search results, you have to optimize Google plus on your local listings (or as we know it as Google Places). Google Local Maps plus differs from Google plus page business because it allows customers to easily connect with your business location. Make sure you add information about the business, address, phone number, who you are, and everything else needed.

Here are some common mistakes that often occur in the business:

  • Do not make a social media site that serves to public business.
  • Creating a Facebook account but did not take advantage of the Facebook page.
  • Not included the URL of your business on Facebook URL.
  • Do not use your business name as the name of a Facebook page or Twitter name.
  • Upload multiple photos and images to your social channels with file names such as IMG568 and Photo34 or images without using keywords of your business.
  • Not join in some communities and groups in accordance with the theme and topic of your business site.

Best Tips to Manage Websites

Perhaps you are currently asking why your website is increasingly not improving, even down on the SERP. This may be one of the big questions for you today. Errors in managing the website are not much that mandarin it. Here I will give you a little bit about tips to manage the website will be able to continue in its main search page and to persevere in the search page. This is not an easy task, because we know that our competitors might just as well do of course we do not know. For one thing that we must do is improve yourself or rearranging well, so that the website can be kept on the search page without any reduction. Here are some tips to manage a website that you should do soAny website can continue to search the yard.


The first thing we often forget is about posting our website, this is an easy job, but not a lot of a few people want to do a post with the right agent. Many are wrong in this case, you need to know, too, that would somehow google or other search engines, are very pleased with the website that continues to provide the latest information, it means that if your website is not currently frequent updates would be easily displaced by competitors.

To post no suggestion for each day, but at least one week there should be a new minimum or maybe in one month 3 times this post will provide a positive impact on your website. Remember…!!! search engines will continue to evolve to look for a website that always provides the latest information.


Managing a website is not easy, but if your website is increasingly the weight would not be good, for it periodically checks your website through online tools like gtmetrix . With you care about the speed of your site, it will be increasingly difficult to beat your competitor, the score for the speed of the site if you use gtmetrix must be above 80%. Why must check the speed of the site? You need to know as well, today’s search engines will rate the site of the speed of access and it is instead to provide a better user experience better, it means that if your site is slow to be granted exemption, and if a competitor is faster, then you must accept the results, For WordPress users can use the plug-in cache to speed up site, It was the second point on how to manage the website.


Broken links are also one of the causes of the problem of why websites you can descend from the search results, the more broken links you receive it will get worse in the eyes of your website search engine. Unconsciously indeed broken link be one subject that is often ignored by the owner of the website whose impact is not very good. For that immediately improve your site right now, fix all the permalink causing broken links. This is the next step to manage a website that is not easy to slide with competitors.


If talking about bounce rate is not easy, the article we do not know how a visitor can linger website us and go to another page, but to provide a better experience as the latest content by linking your old content or provide the related post and the widget will give users referrals to open another page. Bounce rate is also a problem if we let it. For that try to reduce the bounce rate so that the website can be kept in the SERP. If you do not understand about bounce rate could read what is bounce rate?


Especially for WordPress platform users often do not think about the update plugin or theme. This is wrong about the wrong stau in managing the website, although it does not provide a significant impact to seo, but with the latest version update will reduce new problems in managing the website. Therefore if you see no immediate update plugins do updates for the website to avoid problems in the future.

Those are some important points which I often do to manage the website. Do not continually focus on link building to maintain the position of your website, but focus on our own website, only then do the outside. Link building does not always give positive things to the site, find the link is good and natural, it will be better than you menyepam from the wrong website.

11 Easy Ways to solve Heating Issue on Android Smartphone

A smartphone is already a basic necessity for everyone, especially since the launch of an Android application on the smartphone. This is shown in the role of the android smartphone for users, not only serves to make mobile-phone communication as usual but also now perform online activities, browsing, chatting, gaming, etc. become more simple.

You also know that nearly everyone already has an Android smartphone on the brand and type of different. However, as users of the Android smartphone, one of the obstacles most often the complaint is the heat fast android smartphone. Do not worry there are several ways to cope with the fast heat android smartphones, such as the following:

1. Never Too Extreme In Using Android Smartphone

Usage is not fair on an Android smartphone will cause heat faster smartphone, such as browsing, streaming, downloading, chatting, gaming, etc. at the same time. The use of an extreme android smartphone will consume a lot of RAM so that the smartphone will heat faster.

You may make browsing, streaming, downloading, chatting, and so forth, but you also need to consider the condition of a smartphone. Do not have too many activities which could weigh on the performance of the smartphone.

2. Uninstall Android Smartphone Apps That Do Not Require

Too much install the application on an Android smartphone not only reduces the memory capacity but also can cause heat faster smartphone. For example, some applications that work when connected to the Internet or application updates simultaneously, it will cause the RAM android smartphones work more quickly and cause heat. For this reason, please uninstall some unnecessary applications.

3. Turn off the Less Applications Required

Sometimes you need some applications that do not every day that you are using. So, to save RAM performance Android smartphone, you do not need to uninstall these applications, simply forced to stop working. This means the app can be used if only necessary but which do not burden the daily performance of RAM. To do this, you can set its apps on your android smartphone.

4. Immediately Quit Application That Still Works Behind the Screen

Sometimes you forget to close applications that are already in use, these applications are definitely still working behind the scenes. Well, that is not burdened RAM performance and cause heat faster android smartphone, be sure to close any application after you use.

5. Frequently Analyzing Battery Usage

Selanjutlah, try to frequently check the condition of the battery in your android smartphone by analyzing the use of batteries. It’s very good to know what issues are causing rapid battery drain and heat also causes rapid smartphone.

Typically, there will be a warning and a solution to overcome the battery problem, you just need to follow the steps that have been determined smartphone system, for example, closes the application is running, scanning, and others.

6. Do not use Android Smartphone Charging In conditions

when you’re charging the battery, the exact conditions of Android smartphones hotter than usual. For this reason, do not add heat when Android smartphone in the charging condition. In addition, the use of smartphones android condition also can cause the battery charging can be easily damaged and not durable.

7. Should Never Overclock

Sitilah overclock is used as a way to increase the speed of smartphones exceeded standards. It is interesting, but overclock it causes more power consumption and heat causes rapid smartphone.

8. Disconnect Internet Connection

This step is powerful enough to dissipate the heat on android smartphone, which is a good internet connection disconnected from the mobile data and wifi. When the Android smartphone connected to the internet, certainly a lot of applications that work automatically even if you do not use, such as Google Play Store, Google Maps, GPS, social media applications, updates multiple applications simultaneously, and others. Not to mention if you perform other online activities on a smartphone.

Of course, it will cause the RAM to work more optimally and cause the heat on android smartphone. If that happens, immediately to disconnect the internet connection on your android smartphone. You can also disconnect the Internet connection when you’re not using a smartphone, for example when working and sleeping, to degrade the performance of RAM when the smartphone is not used.

9. Never Leaving Yang Android Smartphone in place Heat

Environmental conditions can also cause hot smartphone easy android. So, do not put an Android smartphone in a hot spot since it will affect your android smartphone hot conditions, such as putting the smartphone in the sun, near the fire, and others.

10. Condition Unstable Internet Signal

Unstable internet signal conditions (signal up and down) is also a cause heat faster android smartphone. Typically, this happens most often when you travel, especially you’re in places difficult to reach the signal. A powerful solution to overcome the heat due to unstable internet signal is to disconnect the internet connection. 11. Rest Smartphone For Some At step most powerful to overcome the heat on an android smartphone is lethal smartphones for some time and then open it back.

Top 10 Techniques To Bring High Traffic and More Visitors

Has high traffic is the dream of every blogger, but the attempt to achieve it certainly is not easy, it takes time and great efforts in this regard. The main reason why blogs have high traffic is the blog has a lot of visitors. Yes, it was the visitor who causes these blogs continue to grow up on the Search Engines.Has high traffic is the dream of every blogger, but the attempt to achieve it certainly is not easy, it takes time and great efforts in this regard. The main reason why blogs have high traffic is the blog has a lot of visitors. Yes, it was the visitor who causes these blogs continue to grow up on the Search Engines.

Well, this time related to the topic, there are special features that indicate high traffic blog and a lot of visitors, and the following characteristics:

1. Blog Already popular as an artist is known to the public, which is already popular blog certainly has a lot of traffic and as is well-known visitors and become a subscriber. There are many popular blogs in Indonesia such as Viva, Compass, CNN Blog, and more.

2. Traffic College in AlexaAlexa is a site that provides free facilities to check the traffic in Search Engine blog. Just by entering the URL of the blog, you can determine the extent of traffic your blog or other blogs on the Search Engines. Some bloggers also install the Alexa widget to let traffic blog to visitors. In addition to Alexa, still there are many sites to check blog traffic, but Alexa is more commonly used.

3. Lots of comments on each post number of comments also showed that the blog has a lot of traffic and visitors. If you think about it, the comment does not come automatically, of course, there are visitors who leave a comment. If a lot of comments, of course also a lot of visitors. In addition, the number of blog comments can also attract the attention of the Mbah Google.

4. Have More CustomersBlogs that have a lot of visitors would also have a lot of customers. Visitors who love each content of the blog will become loyal customers to follow every latest update, either subscriptions via email, Facebook, Google + or Twitter.

5. Each title Content and PicturesSuccessful blogs are always trying to publish content that is interesting, that is free from content theft. They wrote to providing useful information to customers. So, it is natural that blogs like it has a lot of visitors. Additionally, the content and a unique title have always been a concern of Search Engine.

6. Routine UpdateHigh traffic and number of visitors could be affected by the routine content updates. A routine update is a prominent feature of blogs with high traffic. Even in some tips, regular updates are always advised to build a successful blog.

7. Has Many PagesThe numbers of articles and blog content is the result of routine updates every day. If a lot of content indexed by Google, the greater the chances of visitors who will visit, this is a simple shadow.

8. Lots of Visitors to Social Media SharingEvery visitor who likes the content of a blog, usually they will share that content across multiple social media. The more you share, the more others visit the content.

9. Love BlogwalkingBlogwalking may already be a way that is not familiar to us. For blogs that are still in the development stage, blog walking is at once a powerful weapon ways to increase blog traffic. You can read more blog walking benefits in 7 Benefits and Advantages Blogwalking To Build Your Blog.

10.  Has Many backlinks or Link Indo misconception first with backlink said above, the purpose of backlinks at the top is the number of links that link to the blog. Maybe you have seen some blog posts to omit the source article by attributing to a specific blog or even refer to your own blog, as that example. You can also check the number of links in blogs that you visit through Google Webmaster and Alexa.

Top 13 Tips For More Effective Blogging

Very few bloggers are blogging full-time. Often it is a side project, which is looked after after work in the spare time. Or you even have several blogs and other internet projects.

The point is that bloggers rarely complain about too much time. The opposite is usually the case. The result is that working on your own blog often degenerates into stress.

Today I would like to introduce you to 13 tips with which I managed to blog more effectively and thus also more time-saving . And in addition to my actual independence, (almost) completely without stress.

Looking for Effective Blogging ?

Below I list 14 tips from my own blogger experience that helped me blog more effectively.

1. Write Many Posts One After The Other

Many bloggers need a little time to be in flow. If you’re not a news blogger and only write 5 sentences in your post anyway, it may be worth writing several articles in one go.

For example, I plan to write the 3-4 weekly posts for my blogs in one go. I’m someone who has to come in first. But once I’m in the mood of writing, then I write the articles much faster.

So you can create a handful of articles maybe in 2/3 or even half the time you would otherwise need.

2. Write Similar Posts

This tip is closely related to the previous one. Anyone who has thought of a topic first, it is easier to write something.

Anyone who writes 2 or 3 articles in one go, but has to think straight into a new topic for each article, is not nearly so fast.

So, if you can, you should write about thematically related topics.

3. Focus On One Topic Per Post

Blog posts can outgrow. I know that myself very well.

In order to save individual articles in a time-saving manner, one should concentrate on one topic per article. If you take the topic too far, then new aspects are added, which are still incorporated into the article.

Instead, you should deposit such new ideas in your own article designs.

4. Write Series

Often enough the research provides for a new topic or finding ideas for long evenings.

In order not to spend too long searching for new post ideas , you should at least write a part of his articles in series . So for example “The WordPress plugin of the week”.

This helps to know exactly how the article is structured and what content-related steps you have to take. So you develop a certain routine that is more effective and much faster.

5. Before Having The End Of The Article In Mind

You should never start writing without a goal. Only those who have the end of the article in mind at the beginning, who can write a good article in the first attempt.

We’re not here on a creative writing class, where you’ll see what comes out at the end.

Blogging is in some ways a craft. And even the craftsman knows relatively exactly how the product should look in the end.

So think in advance what you want to say with the article.

6. Collect Ideas And Links

Nothing is worse for writing than sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper or a completely empty article.

Go through the web with open eyes and write down interesting links or article ideas in the Draft folder.

I rarely blog on it. Most items mature for a while. Gradually, ideas, arguments, examples and links accumulate. Then I can write the article much faster.

7. Article Structure

Before you start writing, you should build the structure of the article .
With the help of headlines (H2 – H6) you can prepare very well the individual chapters. It is then much easier to write 6 or 8 relatively short sections with 100 words, than 600-800 words in a continuous text at a time.

Especially with longer articles you should definitely plan the structure. This also helps to improve the readability for the visitors.

8. The Designs

Once you have taken the other tips, such as the constant collection of ideas and links, to heart, you will eventually face a luxury problem, you have too many designs. And so it happens that you can not find certain designs.

Therefore, I have clear rules for creating new designs. So I write various suitable keywords to the ideas and links in the draft, so I find the draft later on the search.

In addition, I try as possible to use the same keywords for the same topic. So I do not even write “Affiliate Marketing” and sometimes “Partner Programs”, but I decide in the drafts for a formulation.

If I then formulate the article, then of course I can use other keywords.

9. Pick Up On User Topics

Use the feedback of the users!

Often in comments or emails, questions or opinions arise, which one can expand to own articles. So you get not only product ideas delivered, but can instantly incorporate the opinion of the reader in the article and your own opinion.

10. Bring Examples

Examples are always very graphic and clarify the topic of the post very well.
In addition, you do not have to research for examples that you know yourself, and you also bring an important personal touch to the blog.

11. Just Write

With all preparatory work, one should write as quickly as possible in the implementation of the article.

Some write a paragraph and then tinker around it for a while, until it is perfect.
But it is more effective if you first write the first draft quickly and then go over the article again and rework it.

12. One After The Other

Blogger life is not just about writing. You have to read and answer e-mails, edit comments, read blogs, maintain the technology, test and install plugins etc.
But it’s very ineffective to mess things up. Therefore, you should always make certain things coherent.

So I read mails early and answer them. Then it’s the blogs turn. Then I write one or the other article. Such things as updates or the installation of new plugins I put on a day of the week and then do everything in one go.

13. Lower Blog Sources

Of course, as a blogger you should also read other blogs to keep up to date. But some of them also spend most of their time with it.

That’s why I regularly delete a part of my subscribed blogs. Of course not the ones that are very important to me. But there are always blogs that are expendable.

Top 7 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

WordPress is already an ingenious CMS, because it allows the simple design change using so-called Themes. Select, install and your own blog looks completely different with very little effort.

Sometimes a new theme will do a great deal more than just a different design, bringing with it a whole new set of features. Functions for frontend and backend, a review system, a gallery, maybe a connection for affiliate programs and much more. Everything is possible here. But because everything is possible, the quality is not always right.

How to make sure that you select a high quality WordPress theme is explained in the following article. At the very least, he should provide seven tips that will ensure that you never get back to an inferior theme.

7 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Theme!

1.  Does the theme match your content?

The question that unfortunately few bloggers ask, is one of the most important at all. Many WordPress themes look brilliant in their live demo, so bloggers like to access them spontaneously.

But before I do that, you should first ask yourself what your content would actually look like with the theme. If the distances are right, the layout on the start page fits, what about existing pictures?

Far too few people think that a demo is just a demo, but their own content usually looks a bit different and has not been perfectly adapted to the areas of this demo.

Be aware of that, so take a close look at the demo to get an idea of ??how your own content would be presented here.

2. Do not be fooled by the name

There are WordPress themes for blogs, for portfolios, there are even those for musicians and churches. But do not be blinded by the name, because for most of them that is more marketing than fact.

Nice example are the themes for churches, which exist in the US shops now and then. I could also use these for any company, especially as they often have an event scheduler for church services, which I could also use as a wonderful tool to announce live lectures or something similar.

Just because the portfolio theme is on it does not mean that a blog can not be realized.

So do not be fooled by the name if you’ve found an interesting theme. Most themes today can be more than just one type of content and often have different options for doing so.

3. Analyzes the theme files as best you can

Okay, for beginners this is perhaps a bit too complicated, but who knows a little, then take a look into the source code of the respective theme preview.
Is everything clean here? How many CSS and Javascript files does the WordPress Theme use and where does it embed them?

Take a close look at the source code to see any problems in advance and not experience the evil surprise afterwards.

Above all, beginners can make sure that few scripts are used. But if the list in the source code is endless, probably all kinds of features and playful animations have been quickly integrated into the theme without any thought to optimization.

4. Disguises the lies of the seller

Sellers are always sellers. No matter what they say, they are not interested in you, they want to sell. As much as possible, as expensive as possible, as fast as possible. So they talk grandly about their premium theme, praise special features and present everything as if it were perfect.

Do not be fooled by headlines and read through every detail of the description before buying. As always, the fine print is not negligible and often more important than anything in bold.

So look and do not get caught in the trap.

5. Before asking, instead of complaining afterwards

Who does not ask before, must not complain afterwards. At least not if the issue has already been explained and if it’s up to me.

The fact is that many buy first and then get upset that this and that is not as hoped. Stupid only that the biggest bitches usually do not read the description of exactly where that is. Or they do not ask, although that would be easily possible and perhaps even explicitly pointed out.

From cancellations, returns, annoyance and more nobody has anything, so ask BEFORE buying. If you have questions, then use the forums, comments or the direct line to the developer. Anyone who knows in advance does not have to be annoyed afterwards. And if anything, no matter how small, causes you confusion, ask and wait a day to buy. You will survive it.

6. Read and study reviews

It is equally important to read the reviews in advance and to study them carefully. What exactly is criticized, for example, in the negative reviews and are perhaps also criticisms that would bother you? What exactly is praised and what about the middle ratings, why was there complete enthusiasm missing?
Reviews are not always credible or meaningful, but Internet users should be able to classify and filter them accordingly. In any case, they help me a lot, even to identify minor weaknesses of the theme.

So in the end, I can really decide whether the mentioned deficiencies disturb me or whether they are really indifferent to me personally. Because not every criticism that leads to bad reviews, is necessarily dramatic. Sometimes it is trifles that are irrelevant, but make certain buyers angry.

7. When was the last update?

The most important thing in my opinion is that theme developers update their themes regularly. Sure, minimalist WordPress themes usually do not need that, but minimalist are extremely few anyway.

However, the fatter and more extensive WordPress themes fail, the more scripts and features they use, the more important it is that the developer stuffs potential security holes, integrates new versions of the scripts, or fixes any bugs after the latest WordPress update.


How To Optimize Your Content For Voice Search

Although they are still far from mass adoption, mobile penetration has enhanced the use of digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Now. And, although, its use is more habitual in activities that require hands-free, like driving or cooking; It is convenient to optimize the Content Marketing strategy so as not to lose visibility in front of a voice search.

This means that, in order to obtain a competitive advantage, it is essential to take into account that those who resort to this technology do so seeking a quick and efficient response; Therefore, you must concentrate your efforts to position yourself in the first positions of the SERPs.

How to achieve it? Pay attention to the following tips, they will help you gain more visibility and capture the attention of users.

Optimize Your Content For Voice Search in Google

1. Focus On Featured Snippets Or Featured Snippets

When we enter Google, after a consultation, there are occasions when we find a response in a summarized way, coming from a web page. This fragment located at the top of the SERP and accompanied by the corresponding link, is what we know as a featured snippet.

According to the TopRank Marketing site, in addition to accelerating the way people receive their answers, these highlighted fragments help to overcome the competition in a SERP and generate more organic traffic. But it is crucial that the content is clear, precise and ideally does not exceed 50 words. And, by the way, do not forget the rich snippets or rich snippets; Implementing them will help the SERPs determine which website could best respond to the Internet user’s query.

2. Adapt The Keywords According To The User’s Search Mode

Think of the way you do a Google search. For example, would you opt for “travel agencies” or “the best travel agencies to go to Greece”? Regardless of the country you choose, I imagine you would occupy the second option. Why? Users consult in a more natural way, as if they were talking to another person; therefore, we must focus on generating more conversational content.

As they say in TopRank Marketing, instead of orienting one or two keywords per page, it is preferable to associate the correct keywords with the concepts. Also, in the case of local searches, they recommend including keywords or reference points that people in the virtual neighborhood would use. That way, search engines can correlate the content with a geographic area, and help maximize the local visibility of your brand.

3. Employs Structured Data Marking

Schema marking allows search engines to understand what content is about on websites, helping to optimize search results and improve the way they are displayed. This facilitates that the delivery of answers to the queries of the users, is more informative and precise.

But there is one element that you should consider. TopRank Marketing recommends that, if you have a physical location, you must add the outline marking for each place and create a Google My Business list to help your audience find you more immediately, for example, including your business address and the links to your social network profiles.

4. Optimize Your Web For Mobile Devices

The first brands that redesign their websites to support voice search will increase their eCommerce revenues by 30 percent . Another powerful reason to join the mobile friendly era.

And when we talk about Content Marketing, it is not about thinking exclusively about SEO and how we conquer the search engines. It is also essential to take into account the type of audience you are targeting, and the way in which it interacts with your brand. The user experience is a decisive factor when someone conducts a search. Having so many sites optimized with quality content, it is hardly going to visit, frequently, one that does not comply with that feature.

For a Content Marketing strategy to be effective, it is essential that you focus on the problems, needs and interests of your prospects and clients. Delivers excellent , conversational and structured content that gives a fast and satisfactory response to the Internet user’s query. That is the basis to face new technologies such as voice search and mark presence in the top positions of the SERPs.

How to rank any laywer or advocate site with SEO Easily

lawyers seo kalyan city

Well most of the lawyers scratch their heads rank their website in search engines, they wants more business to survive. They need to get more queries coming in to their doorstep as they are high qualified person in the city. But end of the day lawyers or advocates suck at doing online marketing.

Whats Happening With Online Marketing Law-Law For Online Marketing

If you go through the above video you will realize it is not so though to draft a marketing plan for a law firm, but only issue is with the ever growing competition. Advocates are paid very high fees to fight in the court of law on the behalf of his/her clients.

You need to find the type of services you need to promote at a time. Do not go overboard, just start with little but your core service be it injury law, divorce law, criminal law or labour law, etc. It is much easier to promote one service or practice at a time to see it’s benefit in shortest span as possible.

advocate kalyan lawyer firm badlapur ambernath

2017 is about to end and world is heading towards mobile, as more people uses mobile to find a business vs desktop because of ease. Please go through this resources below:

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop

Mobile usage per B2B worker is expected to increase from two hours a day to three by 2020, driven by millennials, Gen Z, and the increasing use of smartphones by older workers.

It proves that business needs to be their on the mobile by having mobile friendly websites, social networking websites and Google Maps. Most importantly, one should have more reviews online than theirs competitors and high ratings. Yeah few negatives are fine but not more than 5% otherwise your customers will turn away from your law firm listings and opt for competitors.

Be a monstrous in 2018 with SEO, local marketing and google adwords, internet is friend go for the kill.

How To Speed Up Your Website Easily To Stop Losing Conversions

The speed of the website is a more important factor than it seems to get a good ranking in Google and also to generate conversions. It is this feature that will make the difference between navigating in a place quietly for several minutes or leaving immediately after a few seconds.

The methods to accelerate it are diverse and involve several factors. But first of all, where exactly is the importance of doing it?

The Sites Are Increasingly Complex

Modern designs and current technology allow adding a large number of elements to a certain digital platform. This is excellent for visual presentation effects, but not for SEO related to web speed.

The information provided by Make a Website Hub yields interesting data:

-The conversion rate reaches its optimal level when the page is loaded in 2.4 seconds on average. Adding a second drops by 27%.

-The performance of electronic stores has fallen by 23% since 2014.

-The rate of abandonment of websites when they do not load quickly is much higher in blogs than in official websites and electronic stores.

– Pages that take less than 1 second to load are more likely to appear in the first results of Google searches.

Summarizing this point: brands should pay special attention to the speed factor, which directly influences the conversions and therefore the ROI of each company.

How to know the loading speed of a website?

There are several online tools that will help to know this information. Among the main ones are:

GTMetrix: When analyzing a page will provide general information, such as average loading time and the size of the website. It also shows a table to know the elements to pay attention to.

Pingdom: In addition to the above, it also details the number of requisitions and the average size of each type of content.

WebPageTest : Allows you to select the location of the server and the type of browser used to obtain a more accurate result. In addition to performing the speed test, it includes a glossary of very complete terms to know exactly what is being measured.

How to speed up your website?

Achieving it requires certain methods directly related to the technical aspect of a web page. Among the main ones are the following.

Minimize Resources

Sometimes web programmers show great enthusiasm when designing certain sites. This, however, can lead to adding unnecessary codes that cause slowness on the page.

To correct it you have to resort to a tool such as Page Speed ??Tools from Google. When entering it, the address of the website to be analyzed will be noted.

When obtaining the results, the system shows a percentage of efficiency with several points that can interfere with the speed, such as:

  • Optimization of images: The URLs of those photographs that can be modified are detailed, reducing their size but not their quality.
  • Specify browser cache: Recommended URLs are shown to be included in the cache so that the user quickly accesses a recorded version of them, thus minimizing the load time.
  • Optimize Javascript: Some websites have codes that cause blockages. Locating them is the first step to eliminate or modify them.