How to Use Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Many ways to increase blog traffic, began to capitalize SEO where the focus is to bring visitors through search engines, blog walking, to increase traffic by utilizing social websites as a medium. Most of the percentage of blog traffic is coming from search engines, particularly Google Search, but social media also has great potential to increase blog traffic, even significantly.

This article will discuss how to increase blog traffic through social media sites. As we know, there are so many social media sites that we can use to promote blogs that we manage. Social networking sites are the most popular blog content campaigns, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are many similar sites that you can also use, like Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

Getting visitors from social media sites need a strategy and its realization is relative takes time. If we do it in a way or method is wrong, then there is only predicate spammers that we can. By using methods that incorrect we will not be able to steal readers from the social network. Today the social network has an important role in the success of the blog we woke up, and the concept of social media marketing we are prepared to be precise in order to produce results.

Facebook and Twitter is a social networking site with the number of local users at most. If your blog content using the Indonesian language, then certainly these two sites is very suitable to boost your blog traffic. You can drive traffic both these social sites to your blog through various strategies, and the following are some steps and tips to drive traffic from social media sites that you can apply.

Increase Visitor Blog Through Social Media

Be yourself

The majority of social networking users do not have an identity. It should avoid if you want to branding through social media. Show me your true self. Remember, social gained reputation media cannot be realized by be someone else.

Make others know who you are

This point is similar to the first point. Essentially, you need to establish your identity to others. Show the real you to your friends, because from here everything will be awakened.

Find as many friends as possible

Do not restrict the search to a friend. Be friendly, willing to come to others first, then in the future, you will have a lot of friends. Got a lot of friends will allow you to share something, including sharing blog content may be favored by them.

Share something meaningful

Do not just share something for commercial purposes or dissemination products. Every now and then make a social message which means, for example by writing status is weighted, motivate your friends, etc.

Pro-active and responsive

Do not be a passive user. No matter how much your friends in social media this would not be much help if you just shut up and do nothing. Go to them, and give a response as it should be so in the future they are increasingly concerned with you.

Take advantage of social media features

Social network sites provide a lot of useful features that you can use for socializing. On Facebook, there is a Fan Page. Create a fan page for your convenience find people potentially criteria like what you pour on the blog.

Approach the community that allows you to socialize blog content

Find the right community to introduce blog content that you manage. Umpteenth many active users of social networking sites you do not have to worry about finding the criteria of people who have the potential of having an interest in what you write on the blog.

Do it all in a scheduled

Do not do it all at the same time. Both socialization articles and sharing information should be scheduled order not to cause a negative outlook as well as indicating the spam which can certainly ruin your reputation in front of them (friends).